HiTeQ Livingroom

After a longer break, I´m back again with a new set. As a little compensation this has, with more than 50 items, become one of my biggest sets ever:

The sofaset is available in 7 different colors and most of the accessories are for the base game and HotDate. Some of the items are my current premiumpart. You can find the set at livingroom 07.

Have much fun with it. :)


Alternation in your kitchen

When you think my last kitchen needs some alternation, I have a nice surprise for you:

This is the red version and there is also a black and a white one. By the way the black and white version and the wodden and red version are perfect fitted to combine :)
You find them in kitchen08.



X-mas present

ok it´s not really a christmas update, but it comes just in time for the holidays. Voilá, this is my newest bathroom with corner shower and corner tub:

At all there are more than 30 objects with which you can make a pleasure to your Sims. You can find the set at bathroom04.

In addition to that I also will wish you very nice holidays and happy new year. :)



Not big but beautiful

is my update for you today. This time I´ve made some very nice deco objects for you, matching to my latest kitchen. Further I made the diningchair in five other colours:

Hope you´ll like it :)



It´s again time for dinner. I hope your sims will like the new environment:

This set has again some special items, e.g. the new shaped stove or the high appliances (fridge, dishwasher, trashcompactor) which can be combined to one big item. Further there are two counters with bar-look and put in glass cupboards. You find the new items at Kitchen 7.



Good Night

But not forSimGedoehns. Who feared that here will nothing more come up for Sims1, will be pleased to see this:

I acknoledge this set has a bigger premiumpart as usual, but the sinking interest to Sims1 forced me to little adjustments.
As usual there are still many free objects (and this will remain)
You will find the set at bedroom 7.

By the way: SimGedoehns has reached the magical visitornumber of 1.5 million (since february 2003).
On that occation, I want to thak you all very much for your loyal visits and very much nice comments in this time :)

Sounds like a farewell, but it isn´t. I will continue making regulary Sims1 sets, since it will be possible to make objects for Sims2 and that seems to endure a few months. Then I will switch totally to Sims2 stuff.
I hope there will be visitors who will come to this site, furthermore.

And now, have much fun with the new objects. :)





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